The Lost City Of Z – review

Based on the true story of Colonel Percy Fawcett, an army man in the beginning of the 20th century who wants some medals for his uniform real bad. The only way he is going to get them is to map the uncharted territories of the Amazon. He is good at it, and truthfully he gets a little bit obsessed with it and keeps going back, despite dangers and his growing family back home.

Contrary to the Z in the title and this being 2017, there are no zombies to be found here. It is a whole different genre. A lot of other reviews have mentioned, ‘they don’t make movies like this any more.’ What they really mean is that is that it is very long, not much action and not a great deal happens. But that isn’t nessesarily a bad thing,  I did enjoy this movie. Just don’t expect an Indiana Jones adventure.

The scenes in the rainforest are all much more enjoyable than the scenes back home. You really feel the sense of exploration and the heat and the unknown dangers. Col. Fawcett isn’t given a complete heroes journey either, in an un-hollywood style he doesn’t actually get to fulfill everything he sets out to do. And also may not be an absolute likable guy because, he doesn’t actually spend any time at home. He comes back from Brazil, impregnates his wife, then leaves to go back to the jungle again.

The biggest negative aspect of the film is Charlie Hunnam, I just don’t understand how he still gets work. He acting is pretty poor and his accent is even worse. Support from Robert Pattinson (is 85% beard) but he is playing against pretty boy type. And Sienna Miller is making the most of, again, playing the wifey at home.

The Lost City Of Z is a meandering and slightly philosophical in nature movie that is controlled and elegant, but lacks a certain something in terms of drama. But is worth a watch, but be prepared for a 3 hour sitting.