The Lego Batman Movie – review

The scene stealer from 2014s The Lego Movie gets his very own Lego movie.

The Lego Batman movie features one of the best Batman (Batmen?) on screen, seriously. The filmmakers understand that Batman may be a dark and brooding loner, but that there is also a lot to poke fun at. And poke fun it does, the jokes, references and laughs fly thick and fast. There is a rich history of Batman stories that have made there way the big (and small screen) over the years and The Lego Batman Movie manages to reference all of them, from 1960s Batman, to Batman Beyond, everyone gets a mention.

Smart, funny and absolutely full of pop culture references, the Lego Batman Movie is a whole lot of fun. It is however still a childrens movie and you are aware of this. It being Lego also feels a lot like a walking advert for Lego Dimensions, all the villains that get released from the phantom zone include the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park, Lord Voldemort, Agent Smith and the Eye of Sauron. It is funny and clever but it feels a bit like a sell.

Lego Batman is as much fun as the Lego Movie and I look forward to the Lego Ninjago movie too.