The Girl With All The Gifts – review

Sometime after a zombie apocalypse has occurred there is military base where a group of children who are somewhere between zombies and children are being cared for/experimented on by teachers and scientists. When the military base is attacked, only a small group of survivors are left.

The Girl With All The Gifts is a British zombie movie, not to be compared with 28 Days Later, this isn’t really horror, but more of a thinker of a zombie film (despite the zombies being quick on their feet). The moral dilemmas are really what this is all about, rather than limb chewing.

The Girl With All The Gifts is a combination of interesting ideas and some zombie movie tropes mixed together. There are a few good scenes, the opening scenes on the military base are a highlight (the intelligent zombie children are off kilter and a little creepy) but the action scenes and abandoned London setting are clearly hampered by a lack of budget. The story really hinges on the sympathetic character played by Gemma Arterton and the performance of newcomer Sennia Nenua, who really makes the film stand out.

It is worth a watch, especially for zombie movie enthusiasts. It is also nice to see another British addition to the genre.