The Founder – review

Ray Kroc is a struggling travelling salesman, he meets the McDonald brothers and understands that their burger restaurant and its new way of making and serving the food really fast has massive potential. He has the ambition  to franchise the burger restaurant and get it all over the country, the only problem is the idea belongs to the McDonald brothers.

I enjoyed The Founder a lot. Obviously McDonalds is something that everyone is familiar with nowadays. So the film works as both a small history lesson and an entertaining business drama too. Why it was quiet so overlooked during the award season I don’t understand, entertaining and watchable, The Founder is a very slick biopic.

Michael Keaton puts in a great performance never making Kroc an out and out villain nor innocent and unaware of his machinations.  The McDonald brothers, played by Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch are also good, only Laura Dern gets left with not much to do.

An overlooked movie from 2016, that is worth checking out.