Spider-Man: Homecoming – Review

Another version of Spider-Man has turned up and this time he is very much a fifteen year old boy, with the usual high school problems in addition to problems with being a superhero, like making more web fluid in science class and keeping your spandex suit hidden from your aunt.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the 6th Spider-Man movie in fifteen years and the third version of Peter Parker. Do we really need it? Not really, but  this is the best version of Peter Parker we have had so far and a good sarcastic chatterbox version of Spider-Man too.

Above all else Spider-Man Homecoming is a lot of fun.  It does feel more like a high school movie than a superhero movie, only really feeling too much superhero for the few scenes when Tony Stark turns up. Also for a (sort of) Marvel movie the villain is pretty good too. With actual motivations and threat to our main character, even if the final battle does involve something big falling from the sky again. It is also a relief that we don’t go through the whole origin story with great power comes great responsibility shtick.

Tom Holland is perfectly cast, a blend of innocence, enthusiasm and  wide eyed wonder. This Spider-Man is pretty low key, being the on the ground level superhero, rescuing cats from trees in reward of churros. He really is the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

It may have been better if Peter Parker had been left on the shelf for a while and Miles Morales took up the mantle instead (he is even hinted at in the movie), but you can’t have it all and Spider-Mans suit has far too much tech, blame Tony Stark (it is basically the Iron Spidey suit from the comics).

The jokes fly pretty fast and are funny to boot. It is all round, a good fun movie. And leaves you with that feel good feeling, another good superhero movie for 2017.