Pitch Perfect 3 – review

The third instalment of the Pitch Perfect franchise finds the girls having left college and struggling with grown up life stuff so when an excuse to get the team back together to perform for US troops abroad and maybe win a recording contract they all jump at the chance.

If you enjoyed the first two Pitch Perfect you will surely sit down and watch the third movie at some point, it isn’t anywhere near as much fun as the first one, (and I can’t remember anything about the second one) but if you enjoy the overproduced musical numbers and physical comedy of Rebel Wilson, that we have come to expect from a Pitch Perfect movie, then you’ll get along fine with PP3.

The film relies heavily on Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson to carry the film, the rest of the ensemble cast don’t really have much to do.  But with enough jokes and songs to make everything tick over Pitch Perfect is mind switched off dumb fun. But just don’t expect it to win any new fans


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