Murder On The Orient Express – review

Based on Agatha Christies classic 1930s whodunnit, a dodgy American business man has been murdered while aboard the Orient Express, but unlucky for the murderer, the worlds greatest detective Hercule Poirot is also a passenger and can use his crime solving skills to solve the murder before the train gets to its next stop.

Oh boy does this movie have a lot of recognisable faces, just when you think that must be the whole cast, someone else turns up.  I guess the heavy use of star power is too substitute for other things the audience is used to. As there are no exotic locations, complex action scenes or expensive cgi.

Murder On The Orient Express is everything you expect from a classic crime story and does its job well. It is an old school murder mystery. Yes they don’t make them like this anymore, so probably won’t make much of a splash but hits just the right marks to keep you watching and engaged throughout.

Director and lead actor Kenneth Branagh clearly cast himself in the the best role, as Poirot can be pretty vain and thinks quite highly of himself, so they are a good match for each other.

While Murder On The Orient Express is watchable and enjoyable, it perhaps reveals the culprits identity too soon and drops a hit for a possible follow up, if anyone is interested, but this movie isn’t really going to set the world on fire.