Moana – review

Moana is a princess and next in line to be chieftain of Montuni, her polynesian island home. But she senses trouble for the islands future, but if no one else wants to do anything about it then she will  just have to go on an adventure, learn to be a sailor, work with a demigod and face off against a lava monster, among other things.

Moana is a very enjoyable Disney movie, and the 12th (I think?) Disney Princess. But unlike other Disney Princesses she has a (mostly) supportive family, is independent and a leader. So progressing from where Frozen left off really. But as many things feel new and fresh for Moana there are just as many Disney cliches in play.

There is no love interest here, Moana is on adventure and she is finding herself (and her culture) rather than a partner. Much of the audiences enjoyment of the film is thanks to the lead performance of Auli’i Cravalho. Traditional Disney tropes are even pointed out in the film itself she does has an animal sidekick.

The songs are very Disney sounding, but probably only ‘How Far I’ll Go’ is really catchy. Also The Rock tries his best but he isn’t the most gifted singer.

The animation throughout is very, very pretty, the details put into the ocean in particular are impressive. The movie is also very funny, the dumb chicken, the little coconut type monsters, and the neon, gold loving giant crab (voiced by Jemaine Clement), such a highlight! But I can’t quite remember the plot.

In short Moana is a great addition to the other Disney Princesses. It is a fun and uplifting movie but something about it doesn’t make it all that memorable.