Logan Lucky – review

Down on his luck and perhaps fulfilling the family curse, Jimmy Logan together with his brother and sister hatch a plan to rob the speedway when the NASCAR is in town.

On paper and in trailer Logan Lucky sounds like an absolute winner. Like Oceans 11 but the redneck version. A cracking cast, and Daniel Craig being funny and doing an accent to boot. But Logan Lucky is an absolute dud.

This movie is one of those films where every decent scene and funny joke is in the trailer. Yes it does have an impressive ensemble cast, and has tempted Steven Soderbergh back from his director retirement. But I’m afraid Logan Lucky is just not engaging in the slightest. We get it okay Oceans 11 for a Trump era but despite its slow pace we don’t really get to know any of the slightly oddball characters we are introduced to. In fact Logan Lucky just plain boring.

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