Kingsman: The Golden Circle – review

The sequel to the surprise hit of 2014, Kingsman was the chav turned spy movie.  (There were a lot of spy movies that year).The second time round the Kingsman spy agency is in big trouble, the villain has blown everyone up leaving just Eggsy (in an orange jacket) and Merlin. They turn to the equivalent US agency the Statesman for help.

Kingsman Golden Circle is much of the same as the last one, only this time there is the difficulty of working out how to bring back Colin Firth who they killed off and then realised he was the best asset of the first movie. Awkward.

While I found the original movie to be a lot of fun, I found myself bored and ever so mildly irritated by the sequel, it has the same fondness for violence and the same sense of humour but it doesn’t have that same creativity. It is a bit like Eggsys orange velvet jacket, trying to be daring, different and dynamic but actually it is trying way to hard to be cool.

The action scenes look flashy and a expensive but actually are quite repetitive, it might be a car fight, a gun fight or a hand to hand fight but there is always a whole lot of spinning. The camera, the characters, the car. One or all of them will be spinning. Once you realise it you can’t unsee it either.

Yeah that weird misogynistic scene from the first film, something similar to that was included and again, it is totally unnecessary. A cheap joke.

The chav scenes in the council flat are as accurately British as the American scenes are American. And as this film is made by a British person I find myself disappointed. There are also wigs, a lot of wigs  and those fake glasses are a bit too fake too.  Elton John sort of playing himself and the addition of his music to fight scenes was pretty good though.

Kingsman Golden Circle was alright, much of the same, so if you enjoyed the first you will probably find something to enjoy, but I have found I have lost interest, I don’t really care.

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