Jane Got A Gun – review

Jane has a troublesome husband who returns home wounded and with some bad guys heading their way. Rather than run, she recruits her ex-boyfriend to help her get some guns and defend the homestead Home Alone style.

Jane Got A Gun might as well be called Jane Got A Man. A feminist, ‘I can do this on my own’ western this is not. Despite how this was pitched. She gets her ex-fiance to help her defend he current husband from a leader of bad guys who have a vendetta against them because he wanted to put her to work in a brothel.

It is something of a workhorse western, the dialogue is sturdy, the acting is sturdy and the plot is sturdy. There is just not a lot to get excited about. It is solid but just not exciting.

Jane Got a Gun makes a serviceable western with a happy ending but don’t go into this movie thinking this is some sort of female gunslinger movie, because it really isn’t.