I Am Heath Ledger – review

Documentary about the Australian actor Heath Ledger who died in 2008.

The documentary is a combination of talking heads and footage that Ledger filmed himself. More than anything I think this documentary was produced in order to make use of all the reels of unseen footage that Ledger was responsible for recording. Turns out he was totally obsessed with cameras and recorded everything, all the time. We never really find out why?

This documentary is a puff piece. Don’t expect any great incites into Ledgers life (or death). As much as we get on the actors tragic death is that ‘he was happy, he was dealing with some demons at the time.’

Sure Heath Ledger was a good actor and he showed some great loyalty to childhood friends but lets not kid ourselves, The Brothers Grimm, Casanova, The Order aren’t exactly masterpieces. Without The Dark Knight and Brokeback Mountain (for which he gets all the credit, yet he wasn’t kissing himself) Ledger would not get nearly as much respect.

Heath Ledger was a guy that loved film, music and photography and died at a tragically young age, who know what we would have created given time but this documentary adds nothing and in fact 10 minutes of google searching later, gives you more questions that are not even whispers in the documentary.

Don’t expect Amy levels of documentary film making as you will not find it here.