Gaga Five Foot Two – review

A behind the scenes documentary following Lady Gaga, her daily life during the making of a new album and the rehearsals for her half time show at the Superbowl. But is this really a warts and all portrait or a finely executed promotional film?

Hmm, much like the poster for Five Foot Two, which is glossy, artistic and controlled, this documentary only lets you know exactly what Lady Gaga wants to tell you rather than truly multidimensional portrait of Gaga herself. Focusing only on the new album and the planning of the Superbowl this isn’t a life story and a delve into her history or rise to fame, you know, the interesting stuff.

Yes we see Gaga in pain, both physical and emotional but something about the whole thing just feels a little off. Like she is holding something back maybe?  It show just enough of Gaga being creative, in the studio making new music, to demonstrate her talent and alternately how the store worker doesn’t recognise her when she asks for Lady Gagas new album in Target to show she is grounded.

It feels like we never get a true impression of Lady Gaga herself, it isn’t a glossy ‘isn’t she fabulous puff piece’ nor is it an intimate insight, but rather an hour long commercial posing as a gritty down to earth documentary and ending up as neither.