Fences – review

Set in the 1950s, Denzel Washington plays husband and father, and Viola Davis plays his wife. He is bit of a moody, angry at the world ass but he sure can give a good speech in his back yard when he needs to.

The film is very obviously based on a theatre production. All those words, the limited locations, how characters and turn up say their thing then clear off again. It made me totally uninterested and not engaged with what was going on, despite its delicate and personal story it is telling. It is doesn’t help that Denzels character is sanctimonious.

There is no doubt that the two leads can act, and deliver their performances with expertise. But there are a lot of words and it doesn’t sound like natural dialogue, it sounds like monologues and that is exactly what it is. Viola Davis probably gets the most obvious one, I imagine she was on stage in a single spotlight ¬†when she did this at the theatre. It is a grandiose soliloquy.

Fences is very much a film adaption of a play with some seriously big acting but I am just not interested.