The Disaster Artist – review

James Franco plays Tommy Wiseau, the writer, director, producer and star of The Room, the now notorious and cult movie from 2003. Francos brother Dave Franco co stars as Tommys friend Greg who is also a lead actor in The Room. The Disaster Artist follows the beginnings of the friendship between the two and how they end up making Tommys self funded movie, which has been called the worse film in history.

Do you have to be familiar with The Room to enjoy The Disaster Artist? No not really, there is enough to enjoy on its own, and the majority of the memorable parts in The Room are all referenced anyway.

James Franco puts in one of his best performances here (Springbreakers is still his best), he is fully immersed as Tommy Wiseau, the clothes, the accent, the laugh, the air of mystery are all spot on. Yes Tommy is strange and we know next to nothing about him, and we laugh at him, but The Disaster Artist manages to make you like him and occasionally pity him.

James Franco also directs the movie, the end credits scenes show just how lovingly recreated scenes from The Room have been replicated. With the occasional familiar face makes an appearance to play one of actors in The Room. or be snarky like Seth Rogen.

The Disaster Artist is a good watch and a reminder that James Franco is a talented actor when he wants to be. The movie shares a lot with Tim Burtons Ed Wood and that Franco shows affection for something so terribly made, really shines through and makes The Disaster Artist better that the sum of its parts.