Dick – review

Imagine if the events surrounding the political scandal of Richard Nixon , Watergate and secret tape recordings were interpreted through the eyes of two teenage girls.

Dick is a bit of hidden gem, released in 1999, interest in 1970s political scandal must have been pretty low, especially when the film was confusingly pitched at a teen girl audience. This is a pretty good satire that nobody watched at the time.  It needs a little bit of understanding of the Watergate scandal to get all the jokes but it is still pretty good without knowing all the ins and outs.

The two girls may have seen something because the live in the Watergate building, when the girls are on a field trip to the White House and are recognised a secret service agent, the girls are invited to be the presidents official dog walker, everything they do is basically them causing the scandal.

I only picked up this movie because it was a Michelle Williams film I have never seen, both Williams and Dunst are sweet, sunny and play everything pretty straight so it makes everything funnier. Even the repetitive use of an ‘I love Dick! and the president sharing pot brownies with Russian officials’ jokes work. Something else that makes the movie work is Dan Hedayas performance as Richard Dixon, it is spot on.

Overlooked on its release, if you feel like watching a smart, satire, take a look at Dick (hehe).