Colossal – review

Anne Hathaway is unemployed, alcohol dependant and recently ditched by her boyfriend. She returns to her (unoccupied) childhood home and discovers that the giant monster that has been rampaging through Seoul on a regular basis is being controlled by her.

Colossal sounds like a bit of an odd one doesn’t it? While the initial premise is good, the film turns out to be a bit of a one trick pony, once we have worked out the hows and whys, what exactly is going on and how Hathaway is turning into a monster, more plot starts to kick in and the movie falls apart, frankly the third act stinks.

What is good about it? Anne Hathaway, playing someone different, a somewhat unlikable lead character, with faults and motivations. Jason Sudeikis is also good as the old high school friend how starts off being an alright buddy, then gets a bit obsessive and controlling.

The metaphor of the monster turning up when she gets black out drunk is one thing, even when the metaphor shifts to men are monsters, taking the movie to a different place to where it started, which was fine but the movie just didn’t didn’t know how to answer or resolve the metaphors.

Nice attempt for a movie trying something a little bit different, features some good work by Hathaway but falls over at the end of the movie.