Cars 3 – review

Lightning McQueen is still racing but as an old favourite in the racing circuit he is starting to feel justifiably threatened by the newer, faster more technologically advanced cars starting to overtake him. So he must turn to some old friends and make a few new ones in order to face these new, but seemingly familiar challenges.

Pixars Cars is the one with all the sequels despite not being the movie that people actually want to see a sequel for. But it sells lots of toys. I think I blocked out Cars 2 from my memory, far too much of that bucktoothed pick up truck for everybodies liking. But the plot of Cars 3 is so close to the story of the first Cars movie that there is a high level of nostalgia for the original from 11 year ago.

The cgi is confusing to me because some of the scenes are very impressive, such high levels of detail, the scene where McQueen crashes is fantastically realised, but then the cars themselves are such goofy giant eyed faces that the two ideas; nascar realism and anthropomorphised cars are really at opposite ends of the spectrum and I struggle to accept them side by side. Yes I noticed the band was all forklift trucks as they are the only ones with hands.

Cars 3 is pretty to look at and easy to watch, and actually works best when introducing new character and forcing McQueen into confronting his current standing in life and how best to move forward, with changes. But Cars has always been the laziest Pixar creation and it still is with part 3. 

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