Bone Tomahawk – review

Kurt Russell is the town sheriff who together with his aged deputy, a husband with an broken leg and a well dressed sociopath are on a mission to rescue a medic and another deputy who have been kidnapped by some cave dwelling cannibals.

This movie is pitched as a western meets horror, starring Kurt Russell, has good reviews and is on a number of Netflix hidden gem lists. Great I thought, sounds awesome.

Bone Tomahawk is a slow burn western, full of slow paced plotting and a lot of word heavy dialogue. Deftly delivered by Russell and an equally good cast including Patrick Wilson and Richard Jenkins. ¬†Using a lot of the usual western tropes. And framing the wide open landscape and the cast in some really great shots. Then when the horror kicks in, it isn’t a horror film but rather a bloody gory nightmare. Very much Eli Roth territory torture porn. I did not like this, at all. The Descent style I could work with (villains are inhuman troglodytes in both films) but such gross violence pulled me out of the film completely.

Is there something I’m missing, some deep meaning behind the violence, some sort of fear of the unknown, settlers afraid of natives? It was lost on me. Not sure it deserves all the 4 and 5 star reviews it has collected. I just didn’t like the violence¬†and it ruined the movie for me.