The Bad Batch – review

The Bad Batch are people who have been cast off into a lawless non-US territory Texas in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The newest addition to the bad batch is Arlen, who is unlucky enough to be captured and looses an arm and a leg to cannibals, she escapes and finds a group of people in a settlement called Comfort. But everyone is weird  and criminal here, right?

This movie is trying really hard to be cool and the problem with trying too hard is that it instantly takes away any ounce of cool factor it might have. The wide angle shots of the desert, the sparing use of dialogue, the juxtaposition of Ace Of Base and violence, celebrity cameos, The Bad Batch has it all …

Apart from character motivations, a genuine plot and decent world building.

On the positive side the cgi used to remove Suki Waterhouses arm and leg is good, the cinematography is good, Jim Carey is unrecognisable, the first 15 minutes are watchable and gain your interest, but the story goes from post-apocalyptic survival, to revenge story, to  Nicolas Winding Refn style ‘I’m mad me’ to romance.

There are a lot of influences here, from Mad Max, Only God Forgives and  A Boy And His Dog (the ending for sure). But despite it trying to say something vague about immigration and possibly the pointlessness of revenge (I’m not convinced). If someone eats your arm and leg, will you ever find them attractive?

The Bad Batch is a meandering mess, perhaps if you cut it down it would make a really good 4 minute music video, but otherwise it is still a mess.