Audrie And Daisy – review


A Netflix documentary taking a look at the rise in social media bullying and teenage rape, with focus on four specific case across the US all with shocking similarity.

The Audrie of the title was sexually assaulted by two boys and then after a week of taunts and bullying at school and online she committed suicide. Daisy had also been assaulted and the abuse from the boys, school and the community at large was so severe that her family relocated, to try and give a traumatised girl a second chance.

The truly horrific treatment of these girls isn’t just what has happened to them, or that it is happening again and again to others throughout the country. It is that the boys committing the assaults get away with it because, they are football heroes or related to local council members or something equally as unjustifiable. Basically the girls lives are ruined but judged to be less worthy than disrupting the boys futures.

The documentary continues to show further similar cases and how the girls are beginning to stand up and speak out about their experiences which is good. But doesn’t actually say much about addressing the attitudes of young men, who think this is acceptable behaviour and will continue to, if nothing is done to change how they treat young women.

Another important, thought provoking documentary from Netflix, add it to your watch list.