Assassin’s Creed – review

A guy on death row gets secretly taken by a very shady (possibly evil organisation) and attached to a really big metal arm machine thing that allows him sort of time travel – to relive his ancestors lives in order to help the shady organisation hide or find ‘the Apple of Eden’. Any other plot or character motivations were either lost on me or just not there.

This is another video game adaption, I have never played Assassin’s Creed so I am not familiar with the story, but this adaption doesn’t really help the situation. It isn’t accessible to the non-fan and I don’t know how true to the games it is either. So, another adaption for the miss pile then. I didn’t really understand what was going on. The thing you really have to buy in to is the Apple of Eden thing and it is very difficult to suspend disbelief to go along with it.

It tries really hard  to be credible and takes itself so seriously, the past life scenes are all in Spanish (for authenticity you see). Fassbenders Spanish accent is probably better than his American one. But in fact Assassin’s Creed is actually really boring and at the same time really confusing, but I can’t be bothered to car about either.

It was boring, the parquor in cloaks was best scene.