A Boy And His Dog – review

Set in a post apocalyptic America, a boy spends his time looking for food and women. He is helped by his dog, who he has a telepathic link with, his dog is much smarter than he is and really good at sniffing out females and the boy can open tin cans so their partnership works. It is then that everything gets really weird, when the boy follows a girl to the bizarre underground community where she lives, leaving the dog to fend for himself.

I was after a post-apocalyptic movie and this keep popping up on lists, so I thought I’d give it a go. A Boy And His Dog is a lot weirder than it sounds and it is very much a product of the 1970s, (it is from 1975). The poster, while not really telling you anything doesn’t inspire you to watch either.

The movie sets up its own world war history and complex rules and dynamics in this new world order and it may be a bit odd and off beat but it is interesting and a worth a watch. The underground community called Topeka is more frightening than the desert above. It is a pleasantville like town where everything is controlled and all the men wear strange clown make up, like a town of Jokers.

The boy is played by a pre Miami Vice Don Johnson, while his character is supposed to be 18, he looks a lot older and is probably at least mid twenties, which is a bit distracting. The boy isn’t a very nice guy, he doesn’t have a lot of interest in other people or even much care for the dog (even though he is the reason his survival is higher than other peoples), he is totally obsessed with sex and all his motivations revolve around it. Creating such an unlikable main character is pretty brave, but maybe his character motivations are more realistic when you live on the raggedy edge?

If you are interested in strange 1970s movies or post-apocalyptic movies then give this a watch. Like Logans Run I would actually be happy to see a creative and modern remake of A Boy And His Dog.