Most Anticipated Movies of 2018

Here are 10 movies that aren’t all major franchise/blockbusters/remakes that look intriguing that will be released in 2018.

Most anticipated superhero movie – Venom

Out of the 10 superhero movies due for release in 2018 Venom sounds the most interesting. Pitched at horror with an R rating, and not connected to the current movie version of Spider-Man, we don’t know much else yet. Tom Hardy stars as Venom and Michelle Williams , yes Michelle Williams is doing a superhero movie.


Most anticipated young adult book adaption – Wrinkle in TimeThere may be Mortal Engines, the final Maze Runner instalment and The Darkest Mind, but this one has been featured on the cover of Time magazine. This is Disney taking a risk, a non white female lead in a childrens fantasy adventure movie costing $100million.


Most anticipated biography – Bohemian RhapsodyThe other big biography is First Man which is the Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong. The biopic of the Queen frontman looks promising thanks to Rami Malek  looking very much like Freddie Mercury. After a long development history and director Bryan Singer has now been shuffled off and replaced with Dexter Fletcher, who knows if this will be fluffy or gritty interpretation of Mercurys life. The other big biography is First Man which is the Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong.


Most anticipated wild card – The Happytime MurdersLike Avenue Q or that one really good episode of Angel, The Happytime Murders is an adult version of Sesame Street. Human cast includes Elizabeth Banks and Melissa McCarthy and is directed by Brian Henson (son of Jim).


Most anticipated ‘I don’t know what it’s about’ movie – God ParticleThe 3rd film in the Cloverfield universe, this one is set in the International Space Station and has a decent cast including Daniel BrühlGugu Mbatha-Raw and David Oyelowo

Most anticipated horror – A Quiet PlaceThe trailer looks super creepy and bonus point for any film that is bold enough to communicate with limited to no dialogue.

Most Anticipated live action fairytale – The Shape Of WaterThere might be Mulan, Mary Poppins Returns and the another Jungle Book, but The Shape Of Water is clearly an oddball adult fairy tale. From director Guillermo del Toro, the trailer looks amazing.


Most anticipated second movie – Bad Times At The El RoyaleWritten and directed by Cabin in the Woods creator Drew Goodard, this movie is set in a run down hotel in the 1960s and is a thriller with genre elements. Okay I’m intrigued.


Most anticipated costume drama – Mary Queen Of ScotsNothing gets you award nominations like playing Elizabeth I and Margot Robbie really wants to win something.


Most anticipated zombie sub genre movie – Anna And The ApocalypseA Christmas/musical/zombie movie and it’s British low budget

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