Hidden Gem – The Prestige

Hidden Gem – A film from the recent past you might have overlooked or didn’t know about, but you should check it out.

The Prestige was released in 2006 and was the forth film from director Christopher Nolan, overlooked at the time, now a decade later and with a total of 10 movies now directed by Nolan The Prestige has been revisited by many and has now found itself amongst the top 5 in many a ranking of Nolan film lists.

Set in 1890s London The Prestige follows the story of the friendship turned rivalry turned obsession between two stage magicians played by Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman.

The themes that can be found in all Nolan films, obsession, time, sacrifice are all present. The intricate machinations and clever yet simplistic story structure make The Prestige gripping to watch and (unlike other Nolan films) the twists and turns of the plot actually make you pick up more on each viewing rather than finding a plot hole.

While telling you more about the plot would give away too many secrets, that are best discovered along the way.

What else is there to like? Well it unites Batman and Wolverine.

Not to be confused with The Illusionist also released in 2006, if you saw this first, it would have put you off The Prestige for sure. 

It is also Nolans only literary adaption so far and it also has the smallest budget of any of his movies ($40mill). Not only does it have great performances from the two leads, the supporting cast including Michael Caine, Rebecca Hall and a rare dramatic acting role from David Bowie as Nikola Tesla all have significant and memorable roles too. 

It is gothic and moody, full of swirling mist and yes, illusion. While The Prestige isn’t a period drama but part mystery, with a splash of horror. 

The Prestige has been hidden in plain sight for a decade and deserves more attention than it has received. So give it a watch.