Yearly Roundup 2016

This year might have been a good one for the grim reaper but there has also been some other stuff going on you might have missed, but popbabble notices the little things …

Anna Kendrick has done so well to hide her contempt of Justin Timberlake, but we can tell Anna, the clues were there (since February). See here for more.
Anna Kendrick is really hoping Trolls 2 never happens. See here for more.


Justin Bieber wears the look of  when you realise your dad knows nothing about superheroes. ‘Seriously Dad why would Wonder Woman be with Iron Man, and since when has Cap not been a dude?’ 

And worse still, it dawns on you that you are just another tiger at your dads engagement party. You get  eyes like black holes.

Somebody help him. Seriously. He looks dead inside.


While we are on the subject of superheroes, this year everyone  has mummy issues.


Orlando Bloom just can’t say no to a bet (or maybe whatever it takes to distract from signing a prenup). See here for more.

This obsession with dressing as Minions has got to stop. Cate Blanchett may be sunburnt but Rihanna is a Kevin for sure.  See here for more.