The skybeam of doom in all the movies

Everybody is starting to notice that there is often a big swirly beam of light (usually blue but sometimes green) in the sky in a lot of movies. People are starting to notice and we are getting bored of it.

Superhero movies get a lot of the blame but lets face it, they are everywhere. It may be another nail in the badly written coffin that is Suicide Squad, but there is also a skybeam in Rogue One, Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles Out Of The Shadows and I’m counting Warcraft because there were lightbeams of doom everywhere not just the sky, in that movie.

Skybeams have two distinct uses in the movies, there is the one found most often in superhero movies, the city destroying skybeam. It usual generates from a spaceship or portal and is as much a part of the Marvel formula as something large falling from the sky (its one or the other). I think we can blame Independence Day for it really. 


The other skybeam we see a lot of is the skybeam of doom.  Beware, danger (possibly evil) it tells us. Go in the opposite direction, but they never do and it never leads to kittens and hobnobs.