Shower Scenes in the Movies

There are many reasons why people take a shower in the movies and nearly none of them are because they smell.

The cathartic shower – you have had a very bad day and need the shower to wash away the pain and the metaphorical (or real) dirt. As seen in Sicario, John Wick 2, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Demolition.

The horror shower – Thanks Psycho, you gave us these delights. The vulnerability of being naked is the worse time for a creep/slasher/monster to strike. Everything from Nightmare on Elm Street to Alien Covenant has a shower from hell scene. As scene in Jack Frost, The Faculty, The Ward and Carrie.

The sexy shower scene – there are less of these than you’d think. Maybe because it is naff. As seen in Fifty Shades Darker, The Specialist and The Longest Ride (and every Nicholas Sparks adaption, that guy thinks water is sooo sexy).

The gratuitous male nudity shower – the male lead has been working out for 6 months for this role and needs to earn that paycheck but he can’t just randomly take his shirt off mid scene. The answer is a shower scene. As seen in High School Musical 3, Wild Things, Passengers and Australia.

The relaxed group shower – so many people in one room, wet, naked and confident about their bodies. These scenes always contain an important plot point so they can’t be taken out of the script. As seen in Footloose, Starship Troopers, Pitch Perfect and Tango and Cash.

The John Hughes shower- the shower scene played for laughs. There is a shower scene in most John Hughes movies. The comedy shower is imitated a lot. Pitch Perfect counts as one too. As seen in Ferris Bueller, Weird Science, Elf (check out those matching tiles) and Easy A.  

James Bond shower – this guy loves a shower with a lady. He is a sleazy dude, there are probably more scenes but I didn’t want to look. Casino Royale being the exception to the rule. Offering comfort rather than STDs. 

The Ben Affleck in the shower – seriously has there been an actor more willing to be in the shower than Ben Affleck. Just give him an excuse. As seen in The Town, Daredevil, Batman v Superman, and Gone Girl.