Odd Couple – one of Adam Sandlers posse and that girl from Glee

Well here is an odd couple for you, so odd that when I heard this I thought it was an April Fool for sure (and I am still not 100% convinced that it isn’t a trick) You don’t frolic in the pool with your dads cousins best friend now do you? Because that is exactly what looks like is going on from here. 

When I first saw this photo I thought for a brief moment that David Bowie was back from the dead and had just renewed his wedding vows with Iman. But just like a newborn kitten, my eyes adjusted to being open and awake and the ability to focus I realised my mistake.

Who exactly is David Spade? Well he really loves hats, like more than Taylor Swift loves hats. Any type or style of hat he is not bothered.

So David Spade makes a steady wage from hanging around Adam Sandler a lot.

This isn’t a new thing, back when he was a young man who couldn’t afford a hat, he used to stand behind Sandler and laugh at his jokes. A solid career choice. 

Spade has had the opportunity to impress many a younger lady, especially if they are blonde.There has been Pamela Anderson

Carmen Elektra too.

Even the age appropriate Heather Locklear.  I hope you are noticing all the hats.

Glee ended in 2015, so Naya Rivera has had plenty of time to think about life and stuff.Image result for glee naya rivera

But instead of thinking about important things, she married a rebound, Ryan Dorsey and had his baby. We all make life choices I guess.

Rebounding from her short stint as a Kim Kardashian impersonator, and being engaged to Big Sean. But that all ended when he pinched her Rolex. 

Another poor life choice was dating Glee co-star Mark Salling, good job she ditched he as he might be a paedo now. For real.

After that motley crew of ex’s a hat loving sugar daddy doesn’t sound so bad.