Jennifer Lawrence is fun and relatable because she drinks alcohol on television

Jennifer Lawrence has been doing the rounds to promote her new film Red Sparrow and I’ve noticed a theme, JLaw is always drinking. On every late night talk show the host provides her with a glass of booze.

Clearly this is from her management to make her relatable because everybody drinks alcohol right? And fun stuff happens when you are drunk, so when superfun JLaw has alcohol it is going to be high jinks all round right? Because you can get super drunk on half a glass of wine,  (through a straw because she knows how to have a good time). 

See how she enjoys whisky and puts her feet on the furniture, other guests just aren’t relaxed and down to earth enough to do that. 

She is so happy being drunk, the interviews are about being drunk and fun and embarrassed  (not about the 48% on Rotten Tomatoes movies she is there to promote). Super relatable and likeable stuff. 

She was also apparently the only person to ever be drinking booze during the Oscars.  See here. If you want to see serious multi tasking skills while holding a glass of wine go to Cardiff on a Saturday night. 

Talk shows comment on her turning up to red carpets drunk, here.  Such fun! So human. 

Buzzfeed are starting to realised it may be an act, here and don’t know how to deal with it.  Whether the idea of a drunk celebrity really does make them more likeable, if it is part of an image, a form of identity protection, or she just likes drinking it sure has generated a lot of attention.

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