Jason Momoa is the millennial dreamboat

Have you realised that Jason Momoa is something of a male version of the cool girl ideal? Yes he always been 6ft3 and willing to take his shirt off but you can substitute muscles and smiles for acting talent, just ask The Rock.  His image has been extremely cultivated specifically designed for all the masculine qualities you could wants.

He is always laughing and looks like he is having fun

He is the guy at the party that can break out the guitar and play a tune

He loves hipster sports like rock climbing and surfing. That’s all it takes to gain muscles, not excessive gym sessions and steroids 

He drinks beer, but nothing uncouth like Budweiser or Stella but the calorie heavy and recently vegan Guinness

He is good with kids

He is even tolerant of the ex-husband (hers not his)

He dresses like a tramp, er … yeah maybe this one isn’t so good


He hasn’t changed all that much in 15 years but if you are a hot guy who works out, that isn’t very good at acting you need a gimmick if you want to make it big, right? 

He was just a guy in trunks in Baywatch Hawaii and the guy with the dredds in Stargate Atlantis

He wasn’t quite making the right impression in Conan (no beard) and didn’t speak English in Game Of Thrones

Things only started happening after Momoa got a bad ass eyebrow scar

Added a little colour to his hair and a tatoo

Also the way to overcome his tramp dressing, make sure he only wears short sleeves at all times, no matter the weather

He loves his lady co-stars and they love him because he is so much fun to be around


Honestly if you look at his Instagram, try to find a post that isn’t about surfing, Guinness or having a really good time. 

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