Child actors who have made it to adult success

There are always stories of child actors who go off the rails. Too much money and fame. Disney kids like Lindsay Lohan never getting to be an adult actor. Macaulay Culkin who was a grown up and not a cute little 10 year old. That boy from Terminator 2 who was never in anything again. But there are also a good number of actors with successful careers as an adult who started out as successful and hard working 10 year olds. But for every Haley Joel Osment there is a Leonardo DiCaprio and for every Hillary Duff there is a Natalie Portman.

Kirsten Dunst – was very successful child star, remember her from Interview With A Vampire, she might have gone off the radar after the first round of Spider-Man movies imploded but she is still working and making well respected roles in Fargo and The Beguiled.

Kristen Stewart – not only looking like Jodie Foster but following her path to success. Disney kid goes serious.

Jodie Foster – the original Disney kid. She was in a lot of movies as a child and is still acting but also branched out into successful directing too. 

Joseph Gorden Levitt – doesn’t look any different as an adult that when he was younger. Still has the same expressions he is just taller. 


Elijah Wood – he was in a lot of movies and had a big break in Lord Of The Rings, but it has also been a bit of a stigma too. He has struggled to be seen as anything other than Frodo for a while now.

Dakota Fanning – jury is still out to see if she will be able to make it as an adult actor, it must be difficult to be seen as a grown up when you were the biggest child star of the 2000s.

Emma Roberts – she had a lot of roles as a child but is struggling to get any adult roles of any substance

Josh Hutcherson – Another hard working Disney movie kid, but will it be Hunger Games and out for him? It must be hard to be seen as an adult when you haven’t grown since you were 14