Ashton Kutcher is a terrible dresser

Ashton Kutcher used to be a model, well now he is in charge of his own wardrobe, and it shows. So many sports based outfits. Excessive knitwear and dressing like a cowboy.  He is a terrible dresser. Fact.

Ashton Kutchers IMDB page is a pretty barren place recently, but now he has two kids he has probably turned his attention to being the best dad he can be, rather than his career, but is that any excuse for leaving the house like this? The Brokeback vibes are strong with this one.

It gets worse, Ashton Kutcher isn’t just an embarrassing boyfriend he is an embarrassing husband, someone has made a life commitment to these lifestyle choices of his. It means he chooses to wear terribly embarrassing outfits like this one.

We get it mate, you really love the Chicago Bears and want everyone to know.

Making your girlfriend go out with you in public, in all that sports clothing. She must genuinely like you.

And making her be twinses with you. 

I’ve bought it for you so you have to wear it. ‘Thanks so much, I love it.’ 

This isn’t a new thing either, he made his first wife wear matching sports clothes (and her ex).

The smile that says I only go to baseball games because I get to eat hot dogs. Look matching clothes, how quaint. 

You know what makes a sports based clothing item worse, but the American guy always wearing them thinks it makes the sports based clothing better, a chunky cardigan.

It doesn’t work. This, right here, is the American equivalent of popping down to Tesco express in your Pajamas. 

You wouldn’t catch Tom Hardy abusing his knitwear powers like this. 

Do sports and a chunky cardigan ever go together?

And finally, Ashton Kutcher is one of those people, that just because they are attending a country music festival insist upon dressing like a cowboy. 

Why? You are standing in a field drinking beer not rustling cattle.

Mila Kunis, as his wife you must tell him to reel it back in. Maybe keep the scarf and put the Bears cap back on. A sports/cowboy compromise.

The only reason I could think of for these outfits is a stag do. 

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