Are Justin Bieber and Kristen Stewart becoming the same person?

For a while I thought that Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus looked alike, but now I see that it is Bieber and Kristen Stewart are following the same haircuts. Yes he may have a thing for wearing excessive amounts of layers that are really long.

and she loves Vans and shudder, no socks, but turns out they are quite similar.

They both had this blonde with serious rootage while being locked outside on a really windy day look going on at the same time. 

They both sported the burnt scalp peroxide swept back look too. After two looks thats when I started noticing things.

And they both have the peroxide buzz cut  going on now.  

And it is not just the haircuts you know. The both love to dress casual. The plain white T and earphones are a must. 

They are both dirty smokers, lets face it Millennials have no excuses, it is bad for you (plus you stink).

They both want to keep it street by having a go at skateboarding, (in ripped jeans). Not sure if Bieber is shrugging off a straight jacket or what here.


There is always the trusty favourite of plaid and a hat, (there is that plain white t again too. )

Keep your eyes peeled for more.