Tom Cruise is a mouth breather and I never noticed before

Tom Cruise always has to have his giant face on the posters of his movies (less so nowadays the the mid 90s-2000s) and we know he loves to run (more on this later) but have you ever noticed he also is a total mouth breather?

Yes Tom Cruise does mouth breathe a lot to show he is confused

Or sometimes scared

Maybe in the early days he mouth breathed because he had to, his teeth made him

But he still does it now

He had a slack jaw with Nicole Kidman

And he frequently looks gormless with guns

Even with fangs he is a mouth breather

Not sure what is going on in Minority Report, but does his mouth really have to be open?

He is a mouth breather in court

He is a confused Casper

And a strange mouth breathing duck face in Top Gun

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