Jared Leto is bigger than Jesus

Is Jared Leto bigger than Jesus? If Jesus was around today do you think he would be a multifaceted influencer of pop culture, a multi-award winning actor and the lead singer of stadium filling rock band like Jared? Does Jared Leto have a Jesus Complex?

Let’s take a look at the similarities, first of all there is the look, the tall, pale mysterious stranger, with full beard and afghan hound long locks. You just know he has an interesting tale to tell


He wears a crown, but a nice pretty one, not like the one that Jesus has that makes him bleed.

He doesn’t need no shoes to protect his feet, someone will be along to wash them later.
If he has a song called Walk On Water, it must be true

He has way more fans than Jesus, and way more followers on Twitter

Jared regularly used the ‘Gucci hobo’ look, so he can blend in with the lesser folk, while staying slightly above them at all times.


What else do they have in common?

They both look at bread like they have recently discovered they are gluten intolerant

They are both good with worshippers children 

They both have pets

They want you to check out the goods, they have confidence

We all know Jared Leto loves to method act, but Jesus dying for others, Jesus is king of method

They can both shred guitar

They both rock a man bun now and again

Jesus is way more comfortable with livestock

Neither is afraid to use a walking aid when tired

Jesus never got the opportunity to master the fanny pack, shame