Ellie Goulding Loves to point

Ellie Goulding sure does love to point. When she is singing she can’t wait to get that little pointy finger in the air.

She points straight up.

ellie goulding points ig


She points to the right.

ellie goulding points10


She points to the left.

ellie goulding points7


She points like she is full of accusations.

Day 3 - Glastonbury Festival


She points like she is asking teacher to use the bathroom.

ellie goulding point13


She points for cultural appropriation.

ellie goulding points14


She points like Poochie.

ellie goulding points4


She points like an angry cat hissing.

Ellie Goulding In Concert - Seattle, WA


She points like a foam finger.

Ellie Goulding rocks out at the 2015 V Festival **USA ONLY**

She double points.

3rd Annual ELLE Women In Music Event - Arrivals


She points at you, her #1 fan.

Ellie Goulding


She points like she just had a really good idea.

ellie goulding13


She points with the microphone.

ellie goulding points9


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  1. mikeyb @ screenkicker says:

    Ha-ha, I love the Poochie one!

    1. pop babble says:

      I love an unintentional ‘celebrity looks like Poochie’.

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