Zac Efron Sells Aftershave

Zac Efron has become the face of Hugo Boss, it used to be Jared Leto, but that was before he had long hair and an Oscar, now he has  gone all top shelf upmarket and sells Gucci. So Efron gets in on the perfume action.

Take a look at the 20 second commercial below:

The advert opens with the focus of Zacs fluttering eyelids.

And quickly shows us just how good Zac is at jumping over stuff.

It also shows that Efron is strong willed and determined by clenching his fists.

Why is he determined? To show us how fearless he is by walking on a cgi beam. 

Then it is back to what might be Efrons favourite hobby. He does this more than sunbeds and drinking protein shakes. 

Put a barrier in front of him and he just can’t help but scale it like a leaping pony.

Okay so maybe there is something he likes as much as as jumping, guy loves to crouch. 

And when there is nothing to jump over and his legs are feeling a tad tired, he loves a nice sit down too. 

He jumps like his mum is a kangaroo

And he crouches like he is in need of a toilet

He really is smart, he gets to do the things he loves and sell stuff at the same time. Good work Zac Efron.