Wonder Woman Sells Everything Superman Sells, but like for girls

The Wonder Woman promotional machine has well and truly kicked in, there is a lot of, well, stuff with Wonder Woman on it.

And while having Wonder Woman sell diet bars is probably a bad idea ( don’t you consider a company called thinkThin has a bigger issue?) Wonder Woman isn’t actually selling anything that Superman has’t already had a go at selling too…

Both of them sell stuff to give you a rocking bod like superheroes have, whether it be chocolate protein bars or protein shakes and not skipping leg day.
And if that doesn’t appeal, they both have their faces on plenty of junk food too. Even if sometimes the Wonder Woman stuff is a bit more pink than Supermans despite them both having red and blue costumes. They both sell razors because nobody likes a hairy superhero, except maybe Wolverine. Although Wonder Womans razor is still pink and sparkly and doesn’t really tie in at all.But the free lipstick they give away has grace, power, wisdom and wonder written all over it. Superman doesn’t have truth, justice, American, super lipsticks (but maybe he should?)

And what about the toys? Yes Wonder Woman gets a Barbie edition or two, but Superman also gets (a slightly judgmental looking) Superman doll too.

They both get movie tie in Lego. Which is always good.

And those super expensive, and lifelike not toys at all, but collectible figures, they both have plenty.

They are both on stuff to do with money (not sure what Wonder Woman has to do with Paypal, but she is there and it isn’t pink). 

So next time you see Wonder Woman selling something, just think has Superman sold it first? Except this pink frozen yogurt. That is definitely aimed at women.