Owen Wilson Sells Sofas


A brand new idea for selling sofas, instead of telling us they are on special offer and delivered before Christmas, get some (as famous as the budget can stretch too) with a reputation for being laid back to sell the sofa by saying it is really comfortable.  Genius eh?

Previously Sofology have used an animated sloth to sell sofas, and even gave a fluffy toy away with each purchase


Do you think you will get a little plush version of Owen Wilson, that says ‘wow’ when squeezed? 

The commercial also quotes Shakespeare, because nothing says living room furniture  making life worth living than that.

This clearly isn’t a British house

This huge sofa, with its round back is actually pretty pointless unless you live in a lighthouse or have a giant room where you don’t mind useless space.

Yes Owen Wilson thinks home is incredible, he is clearly thinking about  all the houses he can buy with he can buy the pay check.