Matt Damon sells beer or maybe water I can’t quite tell

The commercial is sending me mixed messages, and I’m not sure I trust what is being said by Matt Damon. Buy beer, get water? Drink Stella, be a good person?

Buy A Lady A Drink would appear to be a bit sexist, why are only women being singled out?  It could really do with an extra sentence in there somewhere explaining that it is women who have to go collect the water in developing countries not men – or just a link to here maybe.

In the United States, Stella Artois is sold as something exotic and a little bit fancy. Here we can see Stella next to a lot of flowers and canapes, things that are not normally associated with Stella. More familiar Stella sights however would be Matt Damons face, looks like he has just woken up after going on a 10 pint bender. 

Whenever a British person sees an American movie with a character drinking Stella Artois, we think it’s funny, because Stella is in no way respectable.

It is strong and not very expensive and has the nickname ‘wifebeater’. Teaming with a charity to give women access to water – you see why this is a really odd choice.

The more beer you wife beating dudes drink, the more water women get. Is that really what they are saying?

Don’t try to convince us that Matt Damon sat on a directors chair in the Hollywood Hills is a Stella drinker because he isn’t generally the target audience, well not in the UK any way.  


And the US has its own water problems. Matt Damon may be standing in the clean, graffiti-less river area in LA, but that doesn’t show all the homeless people that make this area their own. But they do have access to clean, running water, right?  So who cares about them?

That isn’t even mentioning the fact that there are big problems with everyone having access to clean water on US soil. *cough* Flint, Michigan *cough*