Kristen Bells Husband Sells Toilet Paper

So Dax Shepard officially opened the Time Square Restrooms today, with an oversized pair of scissors and everything. Really this is as odd as it sounds, but it is on his instagram and it says #ad, so it isn’t an elaborate joke. 

But lets face it, they only picked Dax Shepard because where Dax goes Kristen Bell is surely two steps away. Even if he embarrasses you by wearing a lame ass Christmas sweater to your movie premiere when you are in your super sophisticated red carpet outfit. He thinks it is funny and you married him so you deal.

But because Charmin knows this they also know that Kristen will also post on Insta and she has 3.5m more followers than Dax, so it’s bogs all round. 

Maybe Kirsten shares her husbands sense of humour, she has dressed like a minion in public before. 

It wasn’t just the Bell-Shepards checking out the bogs on Time Square, Laverne Cox was there too.

They even hired a cheerleading squad for the occasion

Yes for a few toilets in New York

But upon further research,  well 5 mins anyway, Charmin have been opening toilets (special Christmas ones especially) for a decade. Look even Kim Kardashian did it, okay maybe it was back when she was a sausage loving Armenian Princess looking Kim K and not the current incarnation, but yes a Kardashian has even opened a toilet. 

Here is Molly Shannon standing next to a loo in 2007, lets hope the person that didn’t put the lid down remembered to flush

There are only so many ways to promote toliet paper but I think that casually leaning against an oversized crapper is never going to be good. 

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