Kendall Jenner Sells Lipstick

Kendall Jenner may now be infamous for one of the worse commercials to have been produced (but I’m sure kept the paycheck so don’t feel too bad for her) but she also has another ad recently, for lipstick this time , and it isn’t so bad, just about a minute too long.Here is the full commercial:

I should point out that Elle King is a (Grammy nominated) singer And her dad is Rob Schneider …

Just image what it must be like to have Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo as your dad. Just let that sink in. 

The commercial opens with two of the most unlikely of things, Kendall wearing cotton poly blend pajamas 

and her tidying up! She doesn’t even know where the bin is in her house, let alone the dustpan and brush. But she has a little bell to call the maid and she can do the cleaning while she watches. Like when you pay to get your car cleaned and stand, watch and judge for half an hour while sipping coffee awkwardly. 

Elle does a whole bunch of hand gestures and singing.

While Kendall gets to work on her acting faces. This one says ‘whats that??’ 


The worse ‘accidentally on-purpose leaving something behind so you have to come back later’ routine ever.


As a general rule to life by, if you find something on the floor don’t put it on (or in) your face.

You’ll get the herps

See this informative article from here for proof

Kendall realises that lipstick is made of magic and starts hallucinating. Also the only thing Kendall would know about a broom is that it is a dance partner or pretend pony.  


Elle has a little go at acting

More strange lipstick induced behavior.

Can she sing? I am surprised none of the Jenner/Kardashians haven’t tried yet.


Kendall is used to people outside her window, just watching, so another stalker is nbd.


It even gets a little visual comedy joke

and a spoken one (plus eyeroll) at Kendalls expense.