Kendall Jenner Sells Fizzy Pop

So the commercial may have been pulled before it even gets to TV but we have seen it, it is too late . And you can’t put the genie back in the bottle now. While this has been widely mocked and ridiculed, it is sure to be a meme mainstay for a good while yet. But here at Popbabble we poke fun at Celebrities Selling Things on a regular basis and Kendall Jenner and Pepsi are no exception.

Check out the full 2 min 40 commercial here.


The protest featured in the commercial has more in common with the crowd at a One Direction concert. The poor poor grammar and punctuation of the signs, the happy smiling faces of all demographics. It is all here.

Nothing says 2010s advertising like sparks. Make sure there are some included somewhere. Another job well done.

Nothing says artistic type, like playing some wild cello. Playing it so wild you get so sweaty your fingers slip off the strings. This poor chap gets more screen time than Kendall. He’ll probably want to take this off his cv.

Like Notting Hill Carnival, the protest is also full of peace, love and pervs. 


Keeping it real, next up we see a Muslim, but like a cool one, in denim and jewelry and with a mission. 


Kendall gets to demonstrate her modelling ability. Like a pro.


The sweaty cello guy is back, only now he has had a wash and put on a hat. Losing some of his intense cello power. 


He drinks Pepsi Max in the black can, because it is the boy drink. 


These ladies are not partaking in the protest because they are rich and can afford to buy pepsi in glass bottles, but they are still cool because one of them has coloured hair. 


This guy isn’t cool, however. 


Nothing says important protest like a choreographed dance number. Especially when you are being watched by a family who are here on holiday, the protest is just a bonus bucket list for them. 

This here is some sweet acting from Kendall. 


All it takes for Kendall to ditch her job and join in is a little nod from sweaty intense cello man, at least Michael needs noodles that looked like worms and some serious passive aggressive peer pressure to be one of us. 


A wind tunnel turns up for a couple of seconds. No idea why. 


The lady holding the wig is not happy. Fact. 


When you take off lipstick with the back of your hand this happens, Kendall is full of lies. 


I think sweaty cello man is in there.


This is all very awkward. Also when did she get time to change her outfit?

Riot police don’t look like this.


So the purpose of the protest is to get the police to drink? Then good job Kendall. Hydration is important.

Nothing says Live Bolder, like the end scene from Grease. Am I right or what?