John Cena sells anything you want, ugly shoes, sandwiches, energy drinks, whatever

John Cena has a distinct look. He always has a smug little smile that says he has managed to totally impress you with his ability to count to five. His obsession with baseball caps, dog tags and jeans is one thing. The colour coded arm and wrist bands is another.  I think he is a bit of a chav, but American. 

Or maybe he just wants somebody to put a ring on it?

But John Cena is a money making machine, selling more merchandise that any other WWE wrestler, so why wouldn’t he sell everything else too? You’ve got it, Cena sells it.

He looks surprisingly confident in a pair of Crocs. 

But if he wears them for leisure then no wonder he looks so casual about it.

He wears the Croc when he doesn’t have to wear the sweatbands and jean short combo.

He makes kids eat sandwiches from Subway (that defy gravity and logic).

He sells razors. And we can imagine what a John Cena Santa would look like. 

He is that guy in the gym wearing the Tapout t-shirt, but he is being paid to wear it. 

I’m still not quite sure what he has to do with Nickelodeon or why he is threatening its viewers with violence, but it pays the bills right?

Back in the early days, when he was a questionable bad boy rapper flogging an equally questionable energy drink. 

We all know his giant hands are too big for the buttons of a Nintendo Switch, why try to kid us. 

He sells brightly coloured sugar that you add to milk. (Again with the giant hands).

No idea what a Hefty is? But Cena sells it.