Game Of Thrones actors sell stuff and Maisie Williams loves a charity t-shirt

There has been a lot of promotion for Game Of Thrones recently and you might think isn’t it all a bit late? Any newcomers to a show starting on season seven are going to be a tad confused about what exactly is going on, right? But bus stop posters, tv adverts and many many pointless click bait articles about Maisie Williams discussing cyberbullies and Kit Harrington buying a house must be working as the season premiere has 50% more viewers than last years. 

But have you noticed how the cast of Game Of Thrones are making themselves some extra cash by selling things themselves? They also love wearing a charity t-shirt or two, you know, giving something back.

The popularity of the character appears to influence the price range of product they are selling.

Kit Harrington is using his long curly hair to sell luxury car brand Infiniti.

Emilia Clarke looks bored selling what Dior call Fine Jewellery.

Sophie Tuner using the I’m not really ginger honest technique to sell  Wella hairspray. 

The one with the name you don’t know how to pronounce is selling clothes for Aliexpress, which, I had to look up, is  sort of Chinese Amazon.

Natalie Domer and her face full of secrets is selling holidays when you have no friends. 

Gwendoline Christie does what ever Vivienne Westwood wants and is grateful. 

Jason Momoa is selling a old pair of trousers, seriously, he is, for Carhartt.  

Then there is the charity  work, when you earn over $1million an episode you can spare an afternoon for a t-shirt and some facepaint right?


Which brings us to Maisie Williams, she has tried her hand at selling stuff too, looking like poochie to interest people in Converse for instance. 

And looking like an idiot to sell mobile phone contracts, no wonder they started using a singing cat after this.

Maisie Williams must have a habit of saying yes when any charity asks if she would wear their t-shirt on instagram.  Because it is for charity it automatically makes you a better person.

Jumping in a t-shirt for War Child. 

Being a terrible cat holding a balloon for Red Nose Day.

Telling me to save the arctic for Greenpeace. Well if Maisie says it I guess the arctic is worth saving then. Carries around a giant A for anti-bullying. 

Making a sad face emoji because she loves dolphins so much and you just hate them.

And a t-shirt of herself wearing a suit and heels with a quote that references her character from GoT, that is raising money for dolphins, yeah this one really doesn’t make sense.