Ellie Goulding Sells Water

Ellie Goulding is no stranger to slapping a few photos on Instagram and getting a few extra dollars for it.  In amongst her usual photos about the awareness of climate change, what designer clothing she is wearing and how much she likes boxing, there are photos of cars, shoes and shampoo.

You name it she’ll flog it, which brings us to her latest sell, water. Core loves Ellie Goulding so much she gets her own section on their website. 

She drinks water when she is musicing

She drinks water when she is putting on make up

She drinks water when she is boxing

So what exactly is Core water, well it is pH 7.4 (same at tap water), filtered in different ways (just like tap water), contains trace levels minerals (just like tap water ) and is probably bottled from a tap near LA so it is in fact tap water.

Apart from the tap water, the bottle has a hole at the top to be able to drink it, is in a bottle so you can hold it and has a lid that is actually a cup if you are feeling posh.  

What clever people have come up with this idea of putting water in a bottle and charging people a load of money to buy it so they can be like Ellie Goulding? The two geniuses below.

Lance Collins loves making sports drinks. 

And the other one is Dr Luke, yes that Dr Luke. 

But if Ellie drinks it, it must be good right? Because she works out and doesn’t mess around.