Deadpool sells everything he can

Deadpool might be funny and subversive but here he just uses puns and famous people to sell random stuff, sometimes really random stuff. Or even just Deadpool himself. He does have a movie to make you go and watch after all. 

There may be physical comedy involved, check out the number of poses Deadpool strikes.  Or a suggestive comment or two, toilet humour in general or a pop culture reference thrown in.

Deadpool sells alcohol 

From hard lemonade to tequila there is no booze that Deadpool won’t try and get you to buy.

Deadpool sells sweets, the tiny hands are self referencing , how clever Okay so this one is funny

Deadpool sells microwave snacks. They look dirty.

Deadpool sells energy drinks. It’s a mutant get it?

Deadpool sells sugary drinks. Toilet humour present and correct

Deadpool sells stuff. Fill up your house with Deadpool themed tat with a Lootcrate

Deadpool sells motivational books. 

Deadpool sells bathrooms. So weird it must be true

Deadpool sells 7Eleven in general.  He really has made himself at home there. 

Deadpool isn’t shy about using his famous friend to sell himself either.

Celine Dion sells Deadpool

David Beckham sells Deadpool

Manchester United sells Deadpool

Canada sells Deadpool

Unicorns sell Deadpool

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