Chris Hemsworth And Diego Luna Sell Clean Oceans And Beer (Sort Of)

Chris Hemsworth and Diego Luna are being heroes by promoting the clean up of oceans. They are selling us the idea of cleaning up plastic bottles on the beach. Which is a good thing.  They also gain a free holiday to an exotic location, go surfing and get to drink beer on a beach. So it is a win for the environment and a win for them.

Check out the video here:

It is a partnership between Corona and Parley, which is not as I thought a group of chatty pirates but I think, a group of wealthy business people with plenty of time to do charity stuff.   Chris loves the ocean. He feels at home there, (like Ariel)

Diego loves the ocean too. He wishes he had flippers like a seal, so he can swim better. 

The ocean hates plastic.

Chris hates plastic. It makes him stare.  

Diego hates plastic, it makes him sad. 

There is no plastic packaging on Corona, so they are all good on the plastic hating front

So Chris and Diego can happily drink Corona (plastic free, worry free)

and enjoy their free holiday to the Maldives