Celebrities sell their own booze

Have you noticed there has been an increase in celebrities not just endorsing alcohol, but investing in a company that makes it. No one is all that fussy when it comes to which type of alcohol they are selling, wine, whisky, tequila if you can make alcohol from it, a celebrity has slapped their name on it.

Whether this is because they have so much money that they are just buying up things that they like or that there is just so much easy money in alcohol sales? Who knows?

We have David Beckham, drinking the gentleman’s (he has a pocket square and a waistcoat) drink of choice.

Willie Nelson looks like he has be photocopied here, if you are old and like American flags you might be interested.

Without the Brangelina name or face on it, this is one classy bottle of pink wine, well maybe not that classy it costs less than £20 a bottle.

You know if I saw these two cruising round on vintage motocycles while researching places to grow agave, I would try and rob them, or at least scratch their bikes. George Clooneys tequilla is upper middle class. 

Justin Timberlakes tequila is owned by Suntory and they make everything. Not sure why he is wearing a hat and jacket in doors, but it puts me off. 

I’m going to be honest, Diddy is wearing a coat and sunglasses in a dark nightclub, that has a disco ball, mixed messages or what?

Guillermo Del Toro has a tequila and I would like this one, I wouldn’t drink it, just look at the box and the bottle, then put it back on the shelf. 

Pitbull and (Blackeyed Peas) Fergie both have shares in this diet vodka, for when you want to get hammered without the calories, just don’t mix it with coke or its pointless. 

I actually think I’ve seen this one and didn’t know it was Dan Aykroyds. This is what he has been doing instead of comedy, making vodka in Newfoundland.